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11 Things To Remember When Applying For A Study Visa In Canada


11 Things To Remember When Applying For A Study Visa In Canada

Canada is an awesome country when it comes to study, work or live for foreigners. The world class education system, apt work conditions and government policies draw a lot of immigrants towards applying a Visa for the country. Every year, a number of students migrate to Canada because of the first class education policy. Students who need to Study in Canada need a student permit.

  1. A registered learning institute of Canada should accept your candidature.
  2. You should also prove that you possess enough funds to meet the below expenditure.
  3. Tuition fees
  4. Expenses incurred towards stay of self and family member
  5. Expenses incurred towards return travel of you and your family member
  6. You should not have any criminal record
  7. You must be ready to undergo any medical test
  8. You must leave the country as soon as your stay validity completes
  9. A Study Permit is an authorized document that is given by the Canadian government
  10. Just after 90 days of your study program, your visa expires.
  11. You will receive a program completion notification from the institute, after you complete the course.
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Study permit exemptions

  • If you choose a short term study course, you will not need a study Visa. A short term study course is that which lasts less than 6 months.
  • If you are a foreign armed force member, there is no need of a student visa in Canada for you to study. This is granted under the Visiting foreign forces act of Canada.
  • If you are a relative or a family member of any of the staff at the ‘Department of Foreign affairs, Trade and development, Canada’, you will not require a study permit.
  • If you get a registered Indian status when you are in Canada, you will not require a study Visa to study in Canada.
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