About Us


Jobverion is an Akwa Ibom job listing platform which focuses on linking qualified applicants to the best employers in the market. We believe in getting things done right, on time, every time.

Our aim is to present employers with the smartest, qualified and the best applicant in Akwa Ibom who can really get the job done in time, every time. For an applicant to believe in the potential and the usefulness of the modern WWW, this already proves one point smartness, which every employer requires from his/her employee. Tons of applicants getting access to the job vacancies an actually applying for the position, means you have access to qualified applicants which you will choose the one that suit your needs.


For the applicants, we have put measures in place to ensure you have access to real and paying jobs in real locations. This means you can choose a job that best suits your qualification, needs, salary range and location.


We are open to all Akwa Ibom employers and all applicants who are able and ready to work in the state.


We bring together employers and applicants to form a mutually beneficial platform for both parties.