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Business Ideas For Stay At Home Mums In Nigeria


Business Ideas For Stay At Home Mums In Nigeria

Business Ideas For Stay At Home Mums In Nigeria


As a country, Nigeria is experiencing a whole lot of economic challenges and this has affected all sectors in the country. We have a great number of married women who doesn’t work but depends on their husband for all day to day family expenses.


There is a popular term for these category of married women ” The stay at home mums”. In the course of this article, we will be exploring ways and methods a regular stay at home mum can explore in order to make money to support her family.

Benefits of having a business as a stay at home mum in Nigeria


Husbands considers a wife who contributes to the family financially as an asset. Because of this, there are many benefits attached for a lady who runs a business while she is married.

Respect: A wife that has her own business will be respected and held in high esteem by his husband and the husband’s family, because they will believe that the financial and spending equation in the family is balanced and not only their son, who is taking care of the expenses.

Helping out the family: When you have your own business as a stay at home mum, from the profit you are making, you will be at liberty to help out your family members without any unnecessary attention from your husband which might cause issues in your home.

Contributing Financially: Sharing the bills in your home with your husband is one of the best decisions you could take, as it will increase the confidence your husband has in you.

There are more benefits for a stay at home mum to start a business than what we have briefly discussed. Since this wasn’t the reason behind this article, we just decided to mention a few to act as a limelight for our discussion below.


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Business Ideas For a Stay at Home Mum in Nigeria

Below we will discuss some of the businesses a stay at home mum can venture into in Nigeria.


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All women love looking good. Starting a bead making business is one of the lucrative business in Nigeria today. These ranges from necklaces to bracelet, anklets, bags, shoes walking sticks, waist beads etc.

Your creative ability is one of the factors that drives what your designs and products will be. There is a ready market for this type of of products, alternatively you can leverage the power of social media by uploading your products to the different platforms to create more awareness about your brand and also for market penetration.

Creating your own brand websites won’t be a bad idea, if you are prepared to start taking orders online or to help create more awareness.



Make-up is a no new language for women in this part of this world. 7 out of 10 women in Nigeria knows how to wear their own makeup. In real sense, almost all the ladies in Nigeria are looking for that professional makeup artist that can give them the desired touch.

These said, getting into this sector is quite profitable in Nigeria. Makeup is currently one of the fastest growing business in Nigeria.



If you have a talent for writing, or you are someone who can pickup and learn fast, writing articles and books is one of the business a Nigerian stay at home mum can make profit from.

There are lots of platforms online which are in constant need for fresh articles; example blogs, websites and even apps. They are willing to pay you for your unique articles and get it published to their platforms.

Also there are platforms that you can sell your own books online, example; Amazon. The platform will help you make money from your book, through each successful sale.



Making a business out of daycare centers is one of the methods a stay at home mum should explore. As the number of working mums are increasing, there is also an increase need for someone to help them look after their children.

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This is where a daycare center comes in as parents are more comfortable taking their children to daycare centers than hiring a nanny.

Interestingly, if you have a spare room in your house, this can be done comfortably in your home. You can set up the pricing to either daily, weekly or monthly based on your preferences.

Always check with your local authorities and state laws for rules and regulations.


There is always that one thing that everyone loves doing and is so good at doing it. Why not teach others how to also do it. Starting a blog as a stay at home mum is one of the proven ways you can earn decent income while still at home.

You can either start writing about what you know how to do in terms of craft or concerning things in the house or marital life. The list goes on and on. Some of the Niches a stay at home mum can blog on Cooking, religion, parenting, DIY, personal finance, relationship, fashion, entertainment etc.

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There are lots of ways you can make money from your blog.


Affiliate Marketing: This will include linking to products on your blog articles and each successful sale through your affiliate link will earn you some cash depending on the percentage pay from the product platform which you are an affiliate.

Example: A platform paying 20% affiliate commission, Sales a blender for 10,000 Naira

You recommend a blender in your article, say you are running a cooking blog.

One of your reader successfully follows the link and bought the product, you will earn 20% of the 10,000 Naira, which is 2,000 Naira.

If you succeed to sell 10 products in a week, you will be making an average of 20,000 Naira for one product recommended in an article. Isn’t that awesome?

Another monetization technique is by placing advert on your website in order to earn per click or per view on the advertising material. You can try the Google AdSense ads. There are other methods you can use to make money from your blog based on individual goals.


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With the growing number of small and medium scale enterprises (SME) in Nigeria, some of these businesses are looking for capable hands to help them in developing their business plans. As it stands now, most of the government grants and loans to SMEs requires the borrower to possess a business plan. It can also be observed that some commercial banks offering SME loans also requires this business plan.

If you can construct a comprehensive business plan, writing it for these entrepreneurs will fetch you a decent income.



In today’s modern world, internet users are looking for tutorials and tips for getting things done. With a growing number of internet users resorting to YouTube for learning and other useful videos, you can make a good a good income out of this platform.

This is similar to starting a blog, but the only difference is that later is done via videos as opposed to the former which the greater part is done using articles.

You can just think through any thing you are proficient on and start a YouTube channel about. Most of the methods on how stay at home mums can make money we discussed here on this article can also be implemented through the use of YouTube channels.

Example You can start a YouTube channel about bead making, makeup, cooking, DIY, shoe making, tailoring etc. You can earn money through the use of YouTube adverts.



As a stay at home mum in Nigeria, you can contribute financially to your family by following any of the methods we analyzed above.


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