Easy Tips To Live And Study In Canada

One of the ways to move from Nigeria to Canada is to become a student in this country. It is very prestigious to receive an education here because the quality of schooling is very high. There are a lot of international students because people from Nigeria are far not the only ones who come to study in Canada.

The education system in Canada has three stages: preschool, secondary school, and post-secondary education. You can join the first and the second stages only if your parents are migrants from Nigeria, and you live in the country with them. If you are a school graduate and you want to become a university student, it is possible to study in Canada from Nigeria.

How to Study in Canada?

Students from Nigeria can easily study in this country because there a lot of universities, which accept international students. You can choose any major as all fields of education are present in this country. Of course, if you are going to pay for your tuition, the fees are high, as it is in the USA or any European country, but there are also a lot of possibilities to gain a scholarship.

If you are still thinking “why study in Canada?”, you should read this article. Here we will tell you about opportunities for studying in Canada and the features of living there as a student from Nigeria.

Live and Work in Canada

Let us start from the basic aspects of life in this country for students. To begin with, the place to live in Canada has to be decided when you are applying for a visa from Nigeria because the accommodation proof is one of the documents required for an application.

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There are two basic options for your accommodation if you are from Nigeria: a room on campus or a rented flat. The first one is cheaper, but not all students get the opportunity. The second one is more expensive, but you will be more independent concerning your life conditions.

You can also find a host family, but for this, you should find a program that may help you. The best platform to find a host family is the Lingoo website. It is very cheap and sometimes free, but you will have to fit into the regime of a family, which can be very difficult.

Work Opportunities

This country provides students with a lot of work opportunities, and the majority of students from Nigeria work while they learn. It helps you to maintain your income and have some extra money.

Here is the list of top 5 options for employment.

  1. Tutoring online.

Resources: WyzAnt, Tutor.com

  1. Freelance writer

Resources: Upwork, iWriter, Problogger

  1. Blogger

Platforms: Instagram, Facebook

  1. Social Media Manager

Search for local businesses that have Instagram or Facebook pages

  1. Call center

Local businesses are the best here as well

Universities and Colleges

Let us now talk about educational establishments you can get an education in if you are from Nigeria. There are universities and colleges in this country. Universities are better for those students who want to conduct research and continue their education after obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Colleges provide you with more practical education and prepare you for instant employment after graduation.

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How to Become a Student?

The requirements to study in Canada for students from Nigeria are not very strict. All you need is the certificate of high school education and entry exams results. Your marks from the school in Nigeria don’t influence your acceptance, but they matter if you want to get a scholarship. As for the entry exams, it is important to be prepared and pass them successfully because this country is popular among international students, so the competition is very high.

If you are interested in how to gain scholarship to study in Canada, you need to be an excellent student and have some public experience. By public experience, universities mean your involvement in the life of your native city and school, as well as your public activity and volunteering. There is a ranking according to the results of exams and public experience, and the students who are high in the ranking can get a scholarship.

Best Educational Establishments

It is difficult to describe the specific information in one article because each educational establishment has its own rules and requirements. The best way to find out the details about the application process is to check the official website of the university or college you want to learn in.

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Here is the list of the best universities and colleges for students from Nigeria that provide you with various fields of education and with scholarship possibilities.

1.     University of Toronto

Website: https://www.utoronto.ca/

Information: it is one of the oldest establishments in the country. You should choose this one if you want to study medicine in Canada.

2.     Seneca College

Website: https://www.senecacollege.ca/home.html

Information: this college offers the widest range of programs to study, as well as employment after graduation.

3.     University of British Columbia

Website: https://www.ubc.ca/

Information: this university is the most popular among students who want to receive postgraduate study in Canada because it offers the best research equipment in the country.

4.     Fanshawe College

Website: https://www.fanshawec.ca/

Information: you should join this college if you want to study and work part-time. Here you can find more than 100 programs for part-time study if you are from Nigeria.

5.     University of Alberta

Website: https://www.ualberta.ca/index.html

Information: here you can find a lot of scholarship options. Besides, there are quotas for international student’s grants, so you have better chances to gain a scholarship.

This was the most important information about studying in this country for students from Nigeria. For more detailed data, you should search the websites of educational establishments and read blogs of Nigerian students in Canada.