How Students Can Make Money In Nigeria

How Students Can Make Money In Nigeria


In Nigeria today, an average student requires money to take care of small financial needs during the course of his/her study. From universities, polytechnics, mono technics, colleges and even secondary schools.

Nowadays, students are looking for easy and legit methods to make an extra income, while still in school without it affecting or interfering with their studies. Below, we will discuss some of the ways a student can make money in Nigeria in their spare time based on experiences.

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Note: These methods are not get rich quick schemes. It requires consistency and a little bit of time to give you more returns.

Check out jobs you can apply for without much academic qualifications


Every sectors and industries are looking for freelancers to hire for their project, because is is more cheaper than an in-house professional. This money making opportunity is inexhaustible and also easy to cash in even if you are on a beginner level.

From copywriting; which involves writing articles for websites and blogs, writing product descriptions, writing reviews, sales copy etc.

Another important area is digital marketing; this involves email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization etc. Every business wants to be seen, in other to drive traffic and sales, thus making this an easily available job opportunity for students. The time you spend on social media can finally bring you some reward.

Graphics: There are lots of businesses looking for freelancers in creating their graphical content. These ranges from explainer videos, advertising banners, logos, video editing etc. There are also more freelancing opportunities depending on the type of skills you have. You can post your skills on this websites to be hired; Upwork, Fiverr etc.



Businesses and individuals are looking for unique voices as voice overs for their projects which ranges from video games, TV and radio commercials, online commercials, animations, instructors, narrators etc.

If you that that you have a great voice that can be marketable, this is a go for you. You can also test your voice on your own using your smartphone recorder, which you can easily create voice over samples at the comfort of your room.

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You can find opportunities on this platform



As it is in Nigeria today, our tertiary institutions has their own way of doing things. Lecturers will recommend books written by them or their co-lecturers to the student and some of them might even go to the extent of stating that; If you don’t have the text, you won’t be allowed entry into their classes.


Some of these books are only for one semester or a session as the case may be. After you have gotten all the enlightenment required from it, you can sell it off to buy the next textbook or material as the case may be.



No knowledge is a waste, even when you are a student, you can still teach others and earn from it. Platforms like Teacher On connects tutors through signing up on their websites with students who wants to learn online.

After registration, you can set up the time you will be available based on your school schedule thus ensuring you work on your spare time.

Tutors can more that 5,000 Naira hourly on this platform.

Find out jobs you can get easily in your neighborhood



During classes, a serious student will always jot down points from the lesson delivered, which could be used to form a whole notes or used as a study guide.

Good news is that, there are other students ready to pay you for those notes, which they can also use to study. platforms like Nexus Notes and Stuvia offers students the opportunity to list their notes and be compensated each time another student downloads the material.

PRO TIP: Notes with good lexical construction sales most. Ensure you construct your sentences well for easy understanding.



This is very useful to students studying courses that are language related. There are platforms where projects for translation and interpretation are posted and you can use your language skill to make some cash off it.

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There are some projects that can be completed online while some might require your presence. This is because projects varies and the expertise needed to complete each project depends on the nature of the project.

Some of the Platforms

Trally etc.

Payments are negotiable for unique projects.



Social media lovers and people who take a lot of photos, there is something here for you. Finally you can make money from all those pictures that you snap.

Instead of uploading your moments on social media just for fun, there is a chance you can make money from them. There is a platform that you can upload your photos to and make money every time someone wants to use them.

Some of the platforms

Esty, Foap etc

You will get paid for licensing when they sell your photos. Its time you get to work from your smartphone.



Online Surveys are questionnaires sent to participants in order to get their views and opinions for products or services.

There are platforms which offers users the options to complete this surveys for rewards ranging from cash to vouchers and gift cards.

In Nigeria, the most popular platform is Panel station. You can redeem all your reward points for jumia vouchers which you can use to shop on the Jumia website or sell to a friend in exchange for cash.



If you live in a dormitory or outside the school, renting out your room for film is one of the options to get extra cash while still in school.

If you have roommates, consulting them first before listing the room is the best idea to avoid any unnecessary frictions. Fortunately, there might be a film company looking for your type of room.



If you can ride motorcycles and preferably own one yourself or have a friend you can borrow from, this might get your interest. There is a Nigerian delivery platform that needs the services of delivery personnel.

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You will need to Sign Up on Kwik, upload your documents and other information required. Once your application has been verified, they will offer you their uniform and you can start your delivery business.

The platform is fully automated, sending you notifications when a parcel is due for pick up delivery.



Either offline or online, as a student you already have a customer base in the campus and you can start selling products to your fellow students or you can also achieve same online.

Since funds might be a major obstacle here, selling online without the need to posses the product directly is recommended. You can achieve this through the process called Drop shipping.

Using this, you can purchase products and ship same to your customer’s address, without having to posses the items.



If you are a student that is very attentive and also have the skills to type with a considerable speed and accuracy, this might be a good fit for you.

There are platforms like Transcribeme where you can get quick transcription gigs. You can work with any 2-4 minutes audio clips in languages you are conversant with and you can earn between 5,000 – 7,000 Naira.

Your spellings and grammatical constructions are very important here.



With millions of Nigerians searching the web on daily basis looking for information and other useful contents, getting your own blog is also one of the ways you can a reasonable amount of money as a student.

Look for problems you can solve easily or topics you have an adequate and extensive knowledge on and writing engaging articles to that effect. In order to make money from this, you will have to accept advertisement on your blog or link affiliate materials.

Although building a large following takes time and skills, you can still earn from this method.


These tips on how to make money as a student, we believe will help you earn some extra income which you are still in school. You can also share your tips in the comment section.