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How To Dress For Job Interviews In Nigeria


How To Dress For Job Interviews In Nigeria

How To Dress For Job Interviews In Nigeria


Job interviews are brief sessions between the employer and the applicants whereby the employer gets to know the applicants and verify claims made by them through their CVs.

In Nigeria today, your dressing matters a lot and speaks loud about your personality. It even answers most questions your employer intended to ask you.

Some Of The Ways To Dress for a Job Interview

Depending on the position you applied for, your dressing might slightly vary. But generally, a corporate office dressing is an ideal recommendation.

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For Ladies

  • If you are to wear a straight cut short skirt, let the length reach your knees and it should be accompanied with a shirt and preferably a medium heeled cover shoes.
  • If you want to wear a trouser, never go for those tight jean wears.
  • Remember to pack your hair to the back and keep it there with an hair clip.
  • Apply moderate makeup Artificial lashes should be avoided.
  • Avoid bright colored nail polishes.
  • Don’t let your under wears be visible.
  • Never wear Tees or Tank tops.
  • Necklaces should be avoided.
  • Applying a nice perfume is a plus.

For Men

  • Always go with a straight cut trouser.
  • A nice dull colored shirt with a tie.
  • Black or brown dressing shoes with socks.
  • Avoid all those trousers and shirt colors that screams I’m here; Example, pink and lemon.
  • A nice haircut is always a sign that you are responsible.
  • Avoid necklaces Your belt should match your shoes. 

How To Dress For a More Casual Interview

In Nigeria paying attention to your dress code, is one of the things you shouldn’t overlook in any job interview.

When attending a job interview that is less formal, you dressing can slightly vary from a more corporate outfit as discussed above. It is an added advantage to reach out to the organizers for recommendations.

Some Of The Things You Should Carry Along To The Interview

It’s always good to prepare before hand. Getting some important things ready before the interview day is one crucial step in your interview process.

This Things Include:

  • Extra copies of your CV
  • Some work samples
  • References if needed
  • Identification (example; National ID, International passport etc.)
  • Interview location/directions
  • And other things that might have been included in the job advertisement

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What You Shouldn’t Bring To An Interview

During the course of an interview, there are certain things your potential boss does not want to see. Try as much as possible to avoid carrying them to a job interview.

Some Of These Items Include

  • Your child or children
  • Chewing gum
  • Pets
  • Cover up tattoos
  • Beverages

Most importantly, dress in a way that is comfortable for you, so you wont be looking nervous because of your outfit.

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The most important thing in an interview is not your outfit, your dressing is just for an impression. What you should be remembered for is your skills and ability to handle the position applied for.

You will certainly stand out from other applicants if you follow this tips, and your potential employee will certainly notice this.

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