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How to Get a Job Without Qualifications In Nigeria


How to Get a Job Without Qualifications In Nigeria

Jobs You Can Find Without Much Academic Qualification In Nigeria


In the world today, whenever we talk of finding paying jobs, your academic or vocational skills qualifications can’t be left out, as this are determinants and prove that you can actually get the job done. Nigeria as a country is also not left out, the same mindset is also in us, because it is considered as best practice.

In arguably, your qualifications is the primary determinant in securing an employment. In as much as this is true, there are some good paying jobs one can find and secure without that much academic qualifications or that of vocational skills.

Experience I will point out here is also a great determinant in some of this job opportunities

Some of the sectors where this can be achieved are discussed below


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In the agricultural sector: There are lots of opportunities ranging from working in the farm in the form of manual labour, movement of farm produce to the warehouse, securities etc.

In schools: Surprisingly there are also room to accommodate the under qualified in our society, from gateman, security, class attendants, cleaners etc.

In hotels: gateman, cleaners, waiters and waitresses, securities and in some occasions, room attendants, laundry men and even cooks can be employed without much of an academic qualification.

You can also take a look at this Job Vacancies To Find Easily In Nigeria

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The list goes on and on. But the most important thing is how do you fixed yourself in any of these positions highlighted above. Ultimately, determination to work and the drive to succeed are the major factors in getting yourself into any of this positions.

One might ask, if I am not educated, how will I be able to write an application for these positions. To answer this, we will look at it from two angles.

First, in Nigeria at least 63% of children has passed through primary school education, according to a 2016/2017 studies conducted by UNICEF and this means that at least you might have  acquired a bit of formal education to enable you write a simple application letter. You can always ask a relative or friend to assist, if the above does not apply to you.

Secondly, the fact is that most of these positions, written applications are not required, what most of the employers need is your readiness to work.


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Most times what they will do is an oral interview with the applicants and the ones that meets their requirements will be employed. There are some employers that will require you provide a valid ID card and guarantor, be prepared if such situations arise.


With these in mind, I strongly believe that everyone is employable. it is left for you to identify the area you are good at and key in. I wish you the best.

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