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Reasons to resign your job in Nigeria


Reasons to resign your job in Nigeria


If your thoughts are towards resigning your current job, and you are wondering if you are on the right track or considering if you should continue with your job at least for now. This article will give you an insight on the subject matter. See steps to resign gracefully.


Factors To Consider Before Resigning Your Job


You hate your job: You should not quit your job mainly on the grounds that you hate it. I will recommend you carefully lay down your exit plan and leave based on terms that favours you. But before you quit, ensure you have another job on ground.


Difficult working conditions: Especially your superiors, coworkers and a general unfavorable working condition can make your job quite difficult. These sets of individuals can sometimes make the working conditions simply what you can’t tolerate. If you have tried other alternatives to help you cohabit but to no avail, the only option might be to leave.

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Illness: Whether personal illness or family member illness, these are good reason to leave a job. At times, sudden illness may be an excuse to quit your job. Sometimes you might be qualified for a medical leave. Consider checking with your superior to clarify this.


You find a new job opportunity: This is one of the main reasons most employees quit their job. Finding a new job is quite exciting especially if the pay is higher than the previous or current job. But always be certain the new job is confirmed before quitting.

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Going back to school: Furthering your studies may be a reason to change your job, either a part-time or full-time studies. When considering your school and your job requirement, your immediate job needs might not go well.


Relocating: Most times when employees relocate, they might have to leave their jobs unless your company has branches or sub offices where you are relocating to and is willing to transfer your employment. Also check with your superior, there might be an option to work from home. If these options don’t work for you, quitting might be the only option.


Career change: Some people have quit their jobs owing to the fact that they want a change in their line of work. This is also a good reason to quit your job.

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Work schedules: Your work schedule might also be a reason to quit if there is a sudden change in your work schedule and its impossible for you to adjust without affecting your personal life. This is a good reason to quit.


What your mind tells you: If your gut is constantly reminding you that its time to leave your current employment. I think sometimes its good to follow it. This might also be a reason for quitting your job.



As an employee when you have conclude your decision to quit, it is very crucial to do so with dignity. Addressing it politely can be very beneficial to both parties involved.

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