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Websites Giving Loans In Nigeria Without Collateral


Websites Giving Loans In Nigeria Without Collateral

Websites Giving Loans In Nigeria Without Collateral


Loans are funds, usually in the form of money that an organization lends to a business or an individual to meet their financial needs. The downside is that most of the lending organizations requires collateral before loans are disbursed, so as to serve as securities.

Recently, financial technology (FinTech) companies are emerging in Nigeria. Their emergence has created a balance and opportunities for individuals who don’t have what they can tender as collateral. This is made possible through the provision of quick, easy and collateral free loans to Nigerians.

These Fintech companies simply evaluate your credit score and make a loan offering based on the results of their evaluation. When compared to the regular bank’s loan offerings with lots of paperwork, collaterals, interest rates, some will require you to own a salary account. These financial technology companies are worth giving a try.


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Websites Providing Quick Loans Without Collateral in Nigeria:



Carbon loans banner

Carbon: This is a simple and quick online lending platform that provides for individuals and businesses without collateral for urgent expenses. Example; car repairs, school fees, rent payment etc.

Loan eligibility is based on your credit score which is determined through the information supplied during the application process.

Some of the Requirements Include 

  • BVN
  • Bank details
  • Personal details
  • Phone number etc.

Generally, you can access more than 300,000 naira without collateral. Once your loan request is reviewed and approved, the loan amount can be sent to your account within five minutes.

Interest rates and repayment time depends on the amount requested for.



Lydya loan banner

Lydya only offers loans to businesses. Currently, there is no option or personal loans. Lydya is also an automated online loan platform which provides businesses loans without collateral. It also offers a free invoicing system for its users, from creation, styling and sending out the generated invoice right from your dashboard.

If you have a registered business operating in Nigeria and you need loans for expansion or assets procurement, you can give the platform a try.


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Grofin loans banner

Grofin is similar to Lydya because the platform also offers loans to small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) in Africa and the Middle East. If you have a registered and running business and you are looking for funds to expand your business, Grofin is worth checking out.

The platform offers business loans from 100,000 USD to 1 million USD based on the information available on their website.



Aella Credit loans banner

Aella Credit services is only available through their app, which can be downloaded from your usual app store. The platform offers a quick and simplified access to personal loans for salary earners only.

The company also offers low interest rate loans without collateral. It is available to some countries in Africa and Nigeria is also included.

Some Basic Requirements

  • BVN
  • App
  • Some personal information etc.



Zedvance loans banner

Zedvance offers consumer friendly loans to individuals in Nigeria. The company provides a collateral free loans to salary earners in Nigeria. According to them, salary earners can borrow more than a million Naira between 24 hours.

The loan amount available to each borrower is dependent on your net pay, which is calculated based on the information you provide them.

Basic Requirements

  • Employment letter
  • Salary account
  • Identity document and Utility bill



Kiakia loan banner

Kiakia also offers lending opportunities to Nigerian businesses. The company name Kiakia was coined from a Nigerian language which translate to ‘Fast Fast’. The platform is simple and quick in their loan offerings but very efficient and dependable.

Kiakia uses credit score information to calculate availability of business and personal loans to individuals, small and medium scale enterprises without much documentation.



C24 limited loans banner

C24 Limited service is also available for Nigerians who needs access to funds quicker and easily. The platform is a microfinance organization founded with the aim to offer solutions for individuals to have quick access to loans.

According to them, they offer quick loans with no paperwork and a reduced processing time. Their website is optimized to offer borrowers with a seamless borrowing experience.



Ren money loan banner

Ren Money offers loans to borrowers without the need for collateral or guarantor. According to Ren Money, borrowers can borrow up to 4,000.000 Naira. But there are some requirements you must meet and some important document required before loans can be disbursed.

Basic Requirements

  • Applicants must be between 22-59 years of age
  • Applicants must have a functional current/savings account
  • Must have a valid means of identification
  • Must have a steady source of income

The borrower will provide their monthly income income details and a report of their previous loans from a credit bureau, if they had applied and gotten a loan before.


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Quick check loan banner

Quick Check is an automated lending platform for individuals and small businesses. The platform uses mobile technology to empower individuals and businesses through their digital lending platform.

Quick Check offers opportunities to borrowers to acquire loans without any visit to the office or much paperwork and no collateral is required.

Applicants can apply for loans up to 30,000 Naira.



Migo loans banner

Migo formerly known as Kwikmoney offers quick personal loans to Nigerians. The platform offers loans to applicants through a variety of options, from using a web browser, an app and a USSD.

The most important concept is their partnership and integration with popular banks and mobile network operators and also technology companies to offer loans conveniently and make it more accessible to all Nigerians.



Specta loan banner

Specta is an online premium loan platform that offers loans to both individuals and businesses without collateral, conveniently, hassle-free and secure within minutes.

The company offers two loan options, MySpecta which lends to individuals and the Specta4Business which lends to business owners.

Specta prides herself with the fact that their loan offers is fast and seamless. Their loan offer will help individuals and business owners solve urgent financial issues.



Fast credit loan banner

Fast Credit is a completely online lending company which offers loans to enterprises. They support micro, small and medium scale enterprises in giving loans to boost their development.

Unlike other FinTechs, their loans requires guarantors

The principal plus the interest rate is to be paid between 6 months. Their financial solutions are also extended to employees of corporate organizations like pharmaceutical companies, oil and gas, banks etc. According to them, loans are disbursed in less than 24 hours.


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One-fi loans banner

One-Fi is an online credit facility formerly known as one credit. The company offers loans to individuals to take care of urgent financial needs.

Their repayment cycle is within 3 to 6 months, offering loans up to 200,000 Naira to individuals who are categorized as credit worthy, calculated based on the company’s data leveraging technology.



Smedan loan banner

Smedan is powered and supported by the Nigerian government to offer Nigerian businesses with quick and easy loans. They identify small and medium scale Nigerian businesses which are in need of funds to start up or expand their businesses.

Worthy of note is the fact that the platform also organizes trainings and other resources to the SMEs to help them in their day to day business operations.



Page financials loan banner

Page Financials is an online lending platform which offers quick personal and salary advance loans to help them meet their financial needs. The platform also offers a debit card preloaded with funds depending on your monthly income.

The interest rate is charged on daily basis based on the amount used via the debit card issued to the borrower which is also known as ‘Pledge Finance’

Basic Requirements

  • Employment letter
  • Salary account
  • Valid Identity card Utility bill



Rosabon-finance loan banner

Rosabon Finance also offers loans to individuals quicker and easier with no collateral in Nigeria.

They require the borrower to be in paid employment, possess an active salary account, must be between 21 to 58 years, must have a pension account or tax ID, must have available means of identification and also a recent utility bill before he will be considered for a loan offering.



Although these companies offers easy and quick access to loans, collateral free loans, most of their interest rates are on the higher side, when compared to the traditional commercial banks.

Also the interest rate on some platforms are not fixed and loan amount are based on individual’s credit score. Always check for current interest rates before applying.

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